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Многоэпизодная взятка

В Петербурге сотрудник негосударственного образовательного учреждения предстанет перед судом по

Академия генштаба развернулась

Возбуждено уголовное дело в отношении начальника отдела связи Военной академии Генерального штаба

Куда уходят миллиарды?

Контрольно-счетная палата посчитала неэффективные расходы городского хозяйства.   Среди всех

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Незаконный бизнес, подлог и растрата

Суд признал главу районного центра Моргауши Чувашии виновным в незаконном участии в бизнесе

Хищения в МЧС

Управление ФСБ по Томской области возбудило уголовное дело по признакам мошенничества со стороны

Как следователи берут взятки

Уголовное дело по статье «получение взятки, совершенное группой лиц по предварительному

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She's built her career on playing ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. Struggling to give fellow factory workers basic rights in "Norma Rae" saving her family farm in "Place in the Heart" taking charge on her daughter's wedding day, then mourning that same daughter at her funeral in "Steel Magnolias." You can't not root for her. But if you thought two Oscars and three Emmys meant the part in "Lincoln" was hers for the asking, well, the story of how Sally Field got the role opposite Daniel Day-Lewis is itself a classic Sally Field tale of struggle. "I am ten years older than Daniel (Day-Lewis)," she told Rocca. "Mary was ten years younger than Lincoln. I automatically knew that age was going to be somewhere in it, was going to be an issue." And it was. After Day-Lewis was cast as Lincoln, Spielberg called with bad news: The part of Mary Todd Lincoln wasn't hers.

I said, 'I can't let you walk away. Mary belongs to me. I am Mary. I won;t let you walk away. And I, you know, somewhere brought Mary up inside of me to be feisty enough to say, 'Test me. You owe me a test.'Her pluck paid off. Daniel Day-Lewis flew from Ireland to screen test with her, and when they met for the first time they were both in full costume.